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Omaha Trans-Video has been producing video scrapebooks for many years and for many occasions.  Whether you are celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary, a special birthday, or your child is graduating high school, our staff can commemorate your special event with a priceless video photo album.  Masters & duplicates can be made on BluRay or DVD.

Using any size of photographs, slides, or video clips, our talented editors synchronize your images to music of your choice.  These programs are created with feeling and stir your emotions many times to the point of tears.  Though they are emotional to watch, our clients agree that it is a positive way of renewing your memories.

We welcome you to see a demo of our work to truly understand the difference that talent and technology can have on your finished program.  To finish your album with a personal touch, we can also design custom cover art for your program.

PRICING Video Scrapebooks $1.75 per photo  Music $8.25 per song Video Clips $7.00 each Title Graphics $18 per page  DISPLAY 5-10 SECONDS Photos to DVD .99 each - To .jpeg .90 each Slides to DVD  .99 each - To .jpeg .90each SAMPLE GALLERY SAMPLE GALLERY WEDDING GRADUATION GRADUATION ANNIVERSARY GRADUATION GRAPHIC & LABEL SAMPLES WEDDING CLICK PLAY BUTTON TO VIEW
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