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We can create digital files from your analog videotapes. For editing on your computer you

will want mpeg2 files.

For uploading  you will

want mp4 files.

CONSUMER FORMATS MPEG 2 or MP4 FILES VHS-Betamax-8mm-HI8mm VHS-C - MiniDV COST IS .35 PER MINUTE $25 minimum  INDUSTRIAL FORMATS 3/4” -  BetaCam SP DVCPro - DVCam .70 PER MINUTE 1” Type C $2.00 per minute $35 minimum YOUTUBE ACCOUNT SET-UP $25 Set-up fee with Gmail account $10 for uploads 1-15 min. $17.50 for uploads 16-30 min. $22.50 for uploads 31-60 min. $25.00 for uploads of 61-90 min. $30 for uploads of 91-120 min. VIDEO FILE SHARING

Once your tapes

have been captured to a digital file, we can set up a


account for you to share

your videos with

family and friends.